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Prisonology is an educational software, consulting and expert testimony firm that supports attorneys, law schools, defendants and concerned family members on federal criminal cases.  

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Education, Consulting, Expert Testimony ... With One Goal "The Best Outcome"

The Prisonology Difference

"The Corrections System is one of the most overlooked, misunderstood institutions we have in our entire government ... We have no interest in corrections.  Nobody looks at it."  - Justice Anthony Kennedy

The fact is, Justice Kennedy is right and we at Prisonology are doing something about it.  Our goal here is to help more people understand the Federal Prison System and how that understanding can help achieve better outcomes for defendants.

Whether you are an attorney, a law student, a defendant or someone concerned about a loved one, you have come to the one firm that can help.  Created by the top experts in the field, our educational software is the most comprehensive and up to date resource available.  Our consulting and expert testimony services help lawyers and their clients achieve the best results.

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Get a feel for our comprehensive software and content by looking at our series, "Overcoming the Shock" (Free).  The quality of our videos, the presentation of information and the expert support provide the best product available on understanding the Federal Prison System.

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“Prisonology is an excellent resource. It brought my attention to things that I would have never considered otherwise. It put my mind at ease by effectively preparing me for what was inevitable and it made all the difference.”

Mike W. (Former Inmate)Jan. 05 2015

“This is a very informative product. It was easy to use and a great way for me and my family learn about and prepare for prison."

Gerald L. (Former Inmate)Jan. 06 2015

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