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06. Preparing


"I learned that failure is by and large due to not accepting and successfully dealing with the realities of life, and that achieving success is simply a matter of accepting and successfully dealing with all my realities"

After Sentencing, you start to have some clarity to your situation.  The amount of time you will serve in prison and the place you are most likely to serve that sentence are paramount to understanding how to plan your future.  However, the time between the Sentencing and self surrender provides an opportunity to make preparations that will serve you and your family better.

For those of you who have restitution, which can be quite large, you may receive a letter demanding payment, in full, immediately.  This is usually addressed to your lawyer.  Do not panic if your financial situation is such that you will not be making this payment immediately. The court and those in the Financial Investigation Unit are aware of your financial situation from earlier disclosures and they realize your inability to pay.  Just do not be shocked when you get such a letter in the mail.

While prisons provide various means for inmates to communicate with the outside world, it is difficult to get things done once incarcerated.  Action items that could be handled with a quick phone call, email or in-person meeting will be far more complicated once you are in prison.  Having communicated with a number of people who have gone into prison, they will all relay how frustrating it is to get anything done from inside of prison.

The things that you cannot get done prior to reporting to prison will have to be passed on to your family and friends at home.  The additional responsibilities that they now carry make doing things you may need to get done difficult.  It is frustrating for everyone.   We wrote this section so that you can reduce your frustration and the burden on your family by getting some things done before you go to prison.