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Preparation Prison Life After

07. Activities


The first few weeks of prison are the most difficult. However, there are plenty of programs and activities to not only pass the time but improve oneself.

Like everything else most you have heard about prison, it is not nearly as bad as you think but it is certainly no Club Fed. If you are in a Camp or Low, the BOP is good about giving inmates enough activities to keep them busy. Besides a benefit for the inmates, it is also allows for reduced staff. Occupied inmates require less oversight.

When it comes to participating in sports, you need to be very careful. You can get injured in prison as easily as you can in the outside world but the medical attention you may be used to will not be there. Pain relievers, chiropractors and access to physical therapy are almost non-existent.  Broken bones are set and cared for, but torn ligaments and muscles may have to wait until you are out of prison.

The prison has a certain make-up that changes with the coming and going of inmates. The chemistry of the camp to have educational programs, sports, games or crafts is very much driven by the inmates that make up the camp. Try to be a positive influence on the camp and everyone around you hopefully follow along.

In conclusion, every prison has a different personality and the activities reflect that. There is no one prison that is better, or worse, but the inmates can and do make a difference in the quality of the activities on the compound.